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Developing Learning Agility

Business results depend on learning-agile leaders. Those who are able to solve complex problems, easily adapt in a constantly changing world and thrive on change will position their organizations for success. Good news — they may already be working for you. You just don’t know it yet.

Learning Agility Architect™ is the only leadership development solution that accurately measures and develops Learning Agility. It ensures that your High Potential talent—those with a natural aptitude and set of behaviors that align to those of strategic leadership positions—develop the skill sets necessary to make the most of their abilities and move through your leadership pipeline.

Learning Agility.

is a top predictor of high potential. It is estimated thatjust 15% of the global workforce are highly agile.We can help you identify and develop this crucial growth attribute.

Korn Ferry found companies with highly agile executives have 25% higher profit marginsthan their peer group.

*Korn Ferry Institute study, 2014
Executives with high levels of learning agility, tolerance for ambiguity, empathy and social fluidity are five times more likely to be highly engaged.

Individuals with high learning agility are promoted twice as fast as individuals with low learning agility.

*Korn Ferry Institute study, 2014

Should you develop Learning Agility? You may not have a choice.

In a 2012 study of 700 Human Resource and Leadership Development managers, 59% felt that filling gaps in the leadership pipeline was their biggest challenge. Another study indicates a clear and growing gap between position requirements and the skills of the average incumbent. Organizations need a succession pipeline loaded with leaders ready to tackle complex problems, and many have a long way to go.

For over two decades Korn Ferry has been leading the way on the identification and development of High Potential talent through Learning Agility. Today, we remain the leading authority on Learning Agility as the best and most reliable conduit for developing High Potentials.

The Korn Ferry approach to developing Learning Agility.

Learning Agility Architect™ measures Learning Agility across a five-factor model that includes mental agility, change agility, people agility, results agility, and self-awareness. This research-based, time-tested methodology paints a complete picture of how to develop your talent through assessments, books, guides, certifications, and other resources.

Korn Ferry offers two Learning Agility assessments:

  • viaEDGE® is the industry’s most reliable online self-assessment that measures the five factors of Learning Agility, and allows you to assess your current talent population as well as external candidates.
  • Learning from Experience™ Interview Guide assesses one’s thinking process and learning/application of Learning Agility in the interview process.

These assessments create a foundational roadmap for the development of your High Potential leaders, allowing you to chart a path to leadership success through a variety of scalable development solutions.

Curated By: Bilal Ramazanoğlu

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