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Tofas Academy: An Inspiring Corporate University Team

CATEGORY: Best Learning Team

Tofas Academy Team

Tofas Academy team had 25 members, distributed among three lines: L&D (Tofas & Suppliers), L&D (Dealers), Learning Experience & Technologies. The last line includes instructional design, learning technologies, data analysis & reporting and corporate university development.


Tofas Academy provides learning services a diverse audience of 17,000+ located in Tofas, its dealers and suppliers. Additionally, it provides development opportunities for students of various high schools, universities and new graduates as social responsibility.

Tofas Academy is a highly motivated team that brought excellent outputs in 2017. These results also rely on the effective teamwork and its cultural environment, underpinned by the following factors:

Team Norms

The team commits to demonstrate the following principles: Customer is the Priority, Make People Feel Valuable, Walk the Talk, Be Ambitious & Competitive, Be Innovative & Lean, Own the Company, Master the Business, Discover & Coach the Talents. The norms are measured via 360 evaluations.


For Academy 2.0, the team defined new badges as substitute for the current competencies. Each badge is matched with the job title. The badges are Learning Technologist, Learning Facilitator, ROI Expert, Learner, Marketer, Planner, Networker, Gamifier, Learner, Video Producer, Learning Consultant, Learning Designer and Automotive Enthusiast. The badges were associated with learning programs.


The team holds a weekly stand-up meeting for 30 minutes on each Tuesday morning where people share anything they deem important to tell. The team manages the projects through digital task boards, which reinforces transparency and collaboration.


Members of teams that deliver innovative program designs are recognized with spot awards delivered at the weekly team meetings. Each team member receives the same award. The individual contributions are recognized at the performance review process.


Each team member is delegated to proceed on their projects within calculated risks.


Tofas Academy created a networking process together with a consultant to create a database of external trainers, consultants and companies to provide unique and personalized learning experiences.

Design Thinking

All the team members attended a design thinking training and created 12 projects with this method. All projects aimed to create an outstanding employee experience, each touching a few touchpoints in the learning and development processes.


Marketing is a key factor in engaging the audience. The team utilizes a wide portfolio of channels: leaflet, cut-out, poster, catalogue, digital signage, e-mailing, video, SMS, info desk, animator, Instagram, Facebook, etc. The selection depends on the traits of the audience and importance of the program. Please visit: