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2017 Alumni

Sales Academy is a project aiming at raising employees who are competent in sales especially within the automotive industry, as a part of our social responsibility approach for contributing to automotive industry. Sales academy is a social responsibility project jointly conducted by Tofaş and our dealer network to enable new graduates or last grade students of the higher organized educational institutions to gain necessary knowledge and skills to become sales personnel at automotive dealers. Through this project, we further move forward the cooperation between TOFAŞ Türk Otomobil Fabrikası A.Ş. (TOFAŞ Turkish Automobile Factory, Co. Inc.) and its dealer network.

In the ever-growing automotive market where competition progressively increases, consumer behaviors become diversified and our clients’ expectations become much more specific. The need for a knowledge and experience centered Human Resource which can satisfy the rapidly changing markets and expectations, increases. Its program’s main target is to ensure sustainability of the human resources while planning for the future, effectiveness of the educational/training investments and institutional strategies at macro level and to convey its experience to the future. We continue to pioneer the projects in creating the effective workforce in the Turkish automotive industry and market, which projects shall raise the bar in the industry by setting the human resources standards of the dealer network.

At this point we aim at transferring Tofaş’s culture into Dealer Network; thereby, positively influencing employee loyalty, increasing knowledge standard and create an available workforce. Sales Academy, which shall offer equal opportunity in the business life, to a target audience which shall be determined by taking into consideration of the gender equality issues (HeForShe), is not limited to the institution but also represents a social responsibility problem which shall make great contributions to the industry and Turkish economy. Education and accommodation costs of the young participants are financed by Tofaş.

In our Sales Academy, a gamified training program awaits those participants who completed their preliminary dealership apprenticeship for the purpose of enabling them to gain those proficiencies aimed to be possessed by a sales consultant. Our participants who are evaluated by the points they have got throughout the program, return to their dealerships following the gamified program, thereby having the chance to implement what they learn.