Tofaş Akademi

Production School

Production School is a program of us which includes all the stops the automobile visits in its production journey from press to body, paint to assembly and suspension and aims for the technical development of our field employees who play the leading role at these stops. Production School whose foundation was laid at the end of 2017 and which continues to grow and develop answers the needs of the target group with about 6000 people. Since it provides services for such as wide target group, it is one of our programs in which 5 levels ROI measurement is carried out.

It is an exemplary program in which the need is revealed as efficiency-based,  learning experiences are designed with agile learning method and includes a special learning area that can simulate the production.

The program was designed on three factors;

  • Efficiency and System: The efficiencies which include the technical information of the operations constituting the whole and involve the skill and the attitude expected from the person working at the related department were determined and an online system was developed which will ensure their management. Via this system, the employee or his/her chief can make an efficiency follow-up and get reports in case of need.
  • Development Method: It includes of determining how and with which method each efficiency defined in the system is developed step by step designing of the learning experience; likewise determining for which efficiency the employee has a need to develop and making development plans. It provides an exemplary learning experience with class instruction as well as applied field trainings, video, reading materials and long-term mentoring.
  • Physical Infrastructure: This is an area that will be formed to simulate production areas and provide a unique experience out of production for the target group. It is located in the Academy campus; will be put into service as of August