Tofaş Akademi

Intern Candidate Excellence Program

For many students internship programs are the first step into working life.  They are also great opportunities for them to develop those skills which are needed to attain their future dreams.

 TOFAŞ PROVA is not only an internship program, but also a development partnership project whereby everybody wins. While this “prova” process satisfies student’s internship requirement on one hand, it also offers important opportunities for individual and professional development. We, as a company, get to met new colleagues who share our passion for automobiles.

Our students who were placed in Prova and Prova+ processes, undergo a 2 days orientation training. The Orientation Training content includes the following topics:

  • General Rules of Tofaş
  • Occupational Safety
  • Emergency and Fire Safety
  • Information Security
  • Factory Tour and Introduction of the Departments

Throughout the Prova, our students receive following personal development trainings specifically designed for them:

  • Success is in the Details
  • Effective Presentation Techniques
  • Communication and Professionalism At Work
  • Successful Techniques for CV Writing and Interview
  • Our Products (Fiat-Large)
  • Problem Solving Techniques
  • Koç Holding’s For My Country Project
  • Tofaş Academy Introduction

 Those trainees who attended 32 hours orientation and personal development training sessions, shall be entitled to receive a training participation certificate.

The following social activities are offered to our pupils throughout the Prova process:

  • Dinner
  • A visit to Tofaş Anadolu Cars Museum
  • Picnic
  • Bowling tournament
  • Farewell cocktail

We organize “Intern Development Day” for the purpose of recognizing their successful projects and creating a sharing environment for both other pupils and our management staff, where we present their certificates of achievement to them.


What Do Students Learn Through the Prova?

Through programs of Prova and Prova+, we aim to make the pupils acquire such skills as being a visionary, leadership and communication, holistic approach and continuous improvement, which are difficult to acquire in a classroom environment. Thanks to the development partnership, we give the pupils project tasks and guide them to realize those projects. Throughout this guidance, we support the pupils by means of such trainings as Presentation Techniques, Communication At Work, Techniques for CV Writing, Problem Solving Techniques, etc.


That Are The Differences Between Prova and Prova+?

The biggest differences between Prova and Prova+ are their durations, terms and scope of the projects on which pupils shall work.

PROVA is a program which we hold only during summer time. We work together 5 days a week for 3 months. In PROVA; we attach much importance to the fact that it must be possible to complete the projects. Thus we may see the results of our efforts by the end of the program.

PROVA+ contains longer term projects which pupils may complete by working 2.5 – 3 days together. This is a program suitable for those university students who are either at the last year of an undergraduate program or in a post graduate program, and available for working part time.