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CATEGORY: HCM Citizenship

The new graduate young people who are in the disadvantaged group who do not have work experience cannot take part in the business life while the companies and dealers in automotive industry complain about not reaching competent business force. Tofas has made projects to meet the demands of both sides, to make a profession for young people by developing them in line with the industry expectations, and to prepare for the future and has initiated various implementations according to their intended populations.

In order to contribute the professionalization of jobs in the automotive industry and to the development of potential schools and students; the Tofas;

  • Has established “Fiat Labs” where vocational college students would learn by experiencing the automotive technician profession,
  • Started the “Sales Academy” program, which will meet the need for competent workforce for the sales areas of the automotive industry,
  • Designed the “R&D Engineer training program” for young engineers that the automotive industry need and want to be an R&D Engineer,
  • Established the “Innovation Workshop” which will enable the students of the Science College which carries The FIAT name that will form an important milestone in the future of the country to make projects that will reveal their creativity and prepare them for the future.