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Game Mechanics

MechanicSynonyms/AlternativeSubtypesShort Descriptions
PointsMeasure, Metric, CurrencyAdvancing, Redeemable, Exp Point, Reputation, ScoreNumerical unit indicating progress-based on progression through lab task
RewardsIncentives, prizes, giftsTangible, desirable items, extra credit
BadgesTrophies, MedalsVisual icons signifying achievements
LeaderboardHigh score, scoreboardPoints, avatarsDisplay of ranks for comparison
ProgressionLevel up, LevellingTrackMilestones indicating progress
StatusTitle, RanksTextual monikers indicating progress
LevelsStage, Area, WorldMove from one level to other level
RolesClass, Character, StatusRole-Playing elements of character
MissionGoal, ChallengeIndividual, collectiveComplete the task given
AchievementTrophy, virtual good, virtual coins, medal, cupsCertificate Expected, unexpectedStudent who completed more than 90% of the task
SkillsLevelBeginner, Expert userGive users the opportunity to learn and expand
Feedback/ NotificationAnswering Question, Message, Alert, chatInformational: points, notification, achievements, narration; collectiveAcknowledgments of successfully executed actions
EventUser actions, mystery game, treasure huntOperative, resultant, external, interimSystems that process events
GoodVirtual, realAllow player to expend their virtual currency on real or virtual goods
Narrative ContextStorytellingTell story and let people tell theirs
AvatarIconVirtual representations of self
CollaborationCommunicateSocial Interaction between player


Source: Siti Nurul Mahfuzah Mohamad, Sazilah Salam, & Norasiken Bakar. (2017). “An analysis of gamification elements in online learning to enhance learning engagement” in Zulikha, J. & N. H. Zakaria (Eds.), Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Computing & Informatics (pp 452-460). Sintok: School of Computing


Curated by: Selçuk Alimdar

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