Tofaş Akademi

Future of User Experience

  1. We need people who have a wide range of skills. One day they can be doing user research—interviewing customers, writing surveys, analyzing results, etc.—and the next day they’ll be doing interaction work and visual design. At some point they’ll also be working closely with frontend developers, and they may even write code. As the experience becomes the product, companies must learn that UX is not just the role of the UX designer—everyone needs to learn it to take ownership of different goals during development. Everyone who plays a role in developing a user-facing element is part of the UX team.

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2.  But with increasing technologies in the areas of chatbots and artificial intelligence, we’re going to see more and more interesting ways of time-saving design. Things like basic customer service interactions being handled by artificially intelligent chatbots won’t just save users time, but will also save the time of the company’s employees—time that can then be spent on innovation.


3. Companies and users both love personalization. But in 2016, personalization of information brought some unpleasant surprises. Many people found themselves shocked by the results of Brexit and the US presidential election, as their social circles gave them the perception that the whole world shared their opinion.


Curated by: Burak Altuğ Semercioğlu

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