Tofaş Akademi

Expansion of Leadership Principles


Our Company pursues its business operations in an industry where globally competitive cost is strictly critical and in the foreground. Industry 4.0 means a brand new era in production technologies. On the other hand, consumption habits of customers are evolving into more digital and experimental form.  This puts the spot lights onto the developments and digitalization in R&D field. In such an environment, we plan to adopt “Competitively Unpredictable” approach and we target to maintain our competitive edge in the sector. In reliance of this notion, the motto “Valued Employees Creating Value” has become one of our main strategies. As a result, we are in need of preparing our intellectual capital (manpower, our know-how and knowledge etc) to achieve this strategy because the factor that will drive this change is once again our human resources. We launched our project in order to meet this need by taking into account certain expectations of Y generation like career, development or finding meaning in one’s job. Our first step in the project was to identify competencies that we might need more in future. We have defined these competencies under the heading “Leadership Principles”. Our second step was to launch communication efforts to make sure that these defined competencies are embedded in the company and to integrate them into our talent management activities.

Leadership Principles are the loadstar of this change and cultural change has been built on these Principles. Leadership Principles mainly consist of 8 main headings.

  • Customer is the Priority
  • Make People Feel Valuable
  • Talk and Act with Integrity
  • Are Ambitious and Competitive
  • Are Innovative and Lean
  • Own the Company
  • Explore and Develop Talent
  • Master Their Business

A project plan was designed on the basis of a framework that addresses change processes as a whole. We used gamification methodology in designing many applications that we have introduced for internalization. It was used in Tofas for the first time so that we supported the use of the method in different studies as well.

The fact that the top management has first internalized and owned the subject matter helped us use them more as a role model in later stages of the process.  In Tofas, we have a work environment where X and Y generations are together. We have therefore generated different contents in both physical and digital environments for our employees with diverse profiles. All changes supporting cultural change were fast adapted to HR processes and systems during the year.

All our works below that we completed under our change project may be categorized under below groups:

  • Top Management Workshop
  • Leadership Camp
  • Top Management Open Door Meetings
  • STAR Workshops
  • Quiz Game
  • Development Mails
  • Experience Hub
  • Visual Works