Tofaş Akademi

Discovery Days

CATEGORY: Skills Training

Within 42 different brands in the automotive industry, Tofas is a distributor of Fiat and Fiat Professional with 18 models and responsible for providing aftersales services of the vehicles sold in Turkey. Within the framework of this responsibility, it has more than 130 authorized services across Turkey. More than 826,000 vehicles are coming into service each year.

Our goal was to leverage 3 KPIs:

  • Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI),
  • Customer Loyalty (CL),
  • Service Quality Index (SQI).


 Discovery Days proved its success at 4 evaluation levels in line with the ROI Institute model:

  • Level 1-Reaction: Satisfaction score8/5
  • Level 2-Learning: Post-test88
  • Level 3-Application/Implementation: 8 months after training, assessment by the administrator of the audiences 7/5
  • Level 4-Impact: Dramatical increase in the business metrics in one year:
    • Service Quality Index: 35% increase
    • Customer Satisfaction Index: 23% increase
    • Customer Loyalty: 22% increase

Products Summary

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  • Diverse Audience: 581 employees, 5 different roles, 8-days training.

·         Dedicated Project Team: 35 people from 5 different departments took part in the design and implementation of the program.

  • Strategic Alignment: A strong link has been established between business goals, learning methods and audience.
  • Rich Learning Methods: Theatrical Animation, Panel Discussion, Seminar, Digital Learning, Social Learning, Quiz, Assignment, Game and Simulation
  • High Satisfaction: Participant Satisfaction 4.8/5
  • Active Learning: Post-test 88/100
  • Strong Learning Transfer: Learning success 4.7/5.
  • 35% Increase in Service Quality Index.
  • 23% Increase in Customer Satisfaction Index.
  • 22% Increase in Customer Loyalty.