Tofaş Akademi

Experience Hub

“Experience Hub,” one of the most important behavioural development programmes offered by Tofaş Akademi, is an awarded development programme in which various learning tools focused on the behavioural change of the office employees is used together.

“Experience Hub” was granted Brandon Hall and Stevie awards in 2017.

The aim of the Experience Hub Programme is to enable the individual development of the participant in the determined leadership principle with learning by practicing, learning from the sources, learning from each other and peer-to-peer coaching tools during a 6-monts period.


Experience Hub Program;

  • 2 full-day in-class training which the theory transfer and skill practices of the Experience Hub content take place.
  • “Learning From Each Other” session each of which is 1 full-day whose aim is to learn from each other among the participants.
  • 3 peer-to-peer Coaching Sessions conducted by the Participant and the Instructor.
  • Project presentation day which the participants will carry out according to the Leadership Principle which Experience Hub focuses on

First Consulting Session (45 min. For each participant)

First consulting meeting of the Experience Hub is conducted with the participation of the participant, the manager of the participant, HR business partner and the Instructor.

The aim of this meeting is to create learning eagerness for the Experience Hub which the participant attends to and to determine the right development area and development targets as part of the principle.

The fact that the manager is present in this meeting aims to support the individual in taking an active role in his/her development responsibility. One of the roles of HR in the meetings is both to act as a development consultant for the individual and to adapt the targets of the individual with the targets of the company.


In-class Training (2 Full days)

In the in-class instruction, information transfer supported with the applications is carried out for the related behavioural efficiency.

In-class training which lasts 2 days is the section in which application tools are given, literature information is shared and learning is enhanced with the practices as a group


Learning From Each Other Sessions (1 Full day)

The fundamental aim of the Learning from Each Other sessions is to share projects of everybody in the group and create a learning from each other environment by giving feedback to one another.

In this sessions, the participants are expected to use what they learn in the in-class instruction. These sessions for which the social learning forms a basis is moderated by the instructor. The principle of the learning from each other sessions is based on the sharings of the participants and is formed by additional information shared where necessary.

Second and Third Coaching Sessions (45 min. for each participant)

During the process of the Experience Hub, the instructor supports the participant with additional development activities according to the development fields determined at the first session. These additional activities can be MOOC suggestion or reading recommendation in line with the learning style of the individual.

At the second and third coaching sessions, the coach and the participant work on the individual obstacles during the development and change process of the individual


Project Presentation (1 Full day)

As an output of the Experience Hub, each participant completes the program with a “Project Presentation.”

Following the in-class instruction, it is expected from each participant to determine a project subject about the behavioural efficiency which is the subject matter of the Experience Hub. From the moment the project subjects are determined on, the participants work individually on the project subjects during the development programme.

The most important feature of the project subject is that it must be directly related with the work of that person.

The most important stage of the Experience Hub is the project study in which the participant practices what he/she learned during all the process in his/her business life



Based on the methodology of the ROI Institute, Experience Hub Programme is measured in steps such as 1. Level (satisfaction), 2. Level (learning) and 3. Level (behavioural change)