Tofaş Akademi

Category Coverage

As Tofaş Akademi, we set off on a journey globally in order to inspire all the automotive sector and other sectors with our dream, unique technics, leading activities and sustainable achievements. And we enhanced this journey by receiving “ATD Best” which is accepted as the most prestigious award in the world in education and development fields.

As a corporate academy, we consider the measurement of maturity level very important. And we measure this with the fact that the awards we have been granted are from different categories. To be given an award with at least 1 programme for each title in the determined categories is a very important indicator for the maturity level.

There are a lot of award mediums and categories to apply for the corporate academies, but we define the processes of awards as a development and feedback means rather than a purpose.

As Tofaş Akademi, you can have access to the category and topic titles from the table below that will show our own maturity level in the name of being the strategic partner of the company and enabling us to make today’s works better and to prepare for the future.