Tofaş Akademi

Digital Development Assistant “Zekky”

Within the Development Planning Period, all our employees prepare their annual development plans by making a choice among different development solutions which we offer as TOFAŞ Akademi.

These development solutions consist of various types which support different learning approaches below.

  1. Classroom Trainings
  2. Blended Learning Programs
  3. Coaching
  4. Development Consultancies
  5. Digital Learnings
  6. Individual Learnings (reading article, action, project etc.)

In the name of serving a personalized learning experience for our employees, the biggest starting point of our development assistant project was to aim to provide the most suitable solution they needed.

Also, overcoming the meaning differences between the development solutions and helping to make development planning suggestions for team leaders were among our other targets.

In order to solve all this experience with the help of a digital assistant, we brought the Development Assistant called “Zekky” into life.

This digital assistant receives the insights of the employees by asking the right questions and provides the most applicable development solution by interpreting among many algorithms.

Among the evaluation criteria, there are such criteria as following;

  • Motivation about development
  • Time that can be spared for development
  • Focus field
  • Manager evaluations and 360° performance results
  • Training performance of the previous years

Zekky who provides an experience with a chatbot is actually smarter than any Chatbot. Because the intelligence of Tofaş Akademi is behind him and he never leaves you without a solution..