Tofaş Akademi

West Campus

Tofaş Akademi West Campus has 5209 square meters indoor space and it consists of 18 different hall of which the smallest one is 40 square meters and whose capacity changes between 14 to 25 people; a computer training hall for 18 people; one conference and seminar hall with the capacity of 80 people and 90 square meters; 1 seminar hall with the capacity of 35 people and 46 square meters; a meeting room for 15 people and an Innovative Workshop with 50 square meters, an education design room with 20 square meters area, a professional, live broadcast, audio and video studio with 56 square meters area and a cafeteria/recreational area with 245 square meters in total.

Tofaş Akademi West Campus has class order for technic and applicable trainings, visual preferences, light and audio arrangements so as to provide maximum outcome from the instructions and offers service with an order in which the participants will be in maximum contact with the instruction and the instructor by avoiding their current works.

On the directing screen connected to LMS which is within the area, the participants can follow which classroom to go and can receive quickly the details about training and activity for which they must attend on that day by entering their information via kiosk.

In this area, there are 4 game consoles with which the participants can enjoy , desks which have stations on which they can charge their computers and phones up and resting areas which they will want to spend their breaks resting.

The foyer and recreational area on the second floor of Tofaş Akademi West Campus has a cafeteria in which the participants can receive offerings and comfortable sitting areas which the participants can read magazines and books while resting and can work easily.


With the Shadow of Knowledge placed within the foyer and recreation area of about 500 square meters at the ground floor of West Campus, Tofaş Akademi reveals Tofaş’s firm determination in building the future with its unique experience in the automotive sector. Reflecting the vision of TOFAŞ Akademi with the composition it formed, “The Shadow of Knowledge” emphasizes that learning can only be possible with a strong communication and provides a short and entertaining learning experience for the visitors with the cross-section vehicles it has and QR codes on it.

Kesit Araç

The Shadow of Knowledge

Painter and Sculptor Rıfat Koçak’s work called “The Shadow of Knowledge” greets its visitors at the entry of Tofaş Akademi West Campus.

The work which was created by Rıfat Koçak who used scrap automobile parts obtained from Tofaş factory by assessing about 700 metal pieces weights approximately 1 ton. The work which was completed in three weeks is displayed in Tofaş as well as Tofaş Akademi which is in charge of learning and development activities of 17,000 employees including its dealers, services and suppliers.

While the work turned out to be a different automobile with the amalgamation of letters and numbers made of metal reflects both past and present, it revives the transformation story of abstract engineering data into concrete technology. The work describes TOFAŞ’s prospective face and the contribution of producing with knowledge to development. The fact that this work was made of waste metals is invaluable in terms of reflecting the environment vision of TOFAŞ as well.

While there is a child figure made of metal in the front section of the work; with the light reflected from inside two children figures appear in one body. One of the children looks at the silhouette of letters and numbers behind in order to get inspired from the past; and the other looks forward at the sun to build the future. With the video broadcasted in the area where there is a Fiat branded automobile, Tofaş Academy visitors can watch the creation process of the work.




Rıfat Koçak

Born in Tokat, in 1971. In 1992, he graduated from Mimar Sinan University Fine Arts Faculty Painting Department. In 1995, he earned his master degree at Marmara University Atatürk Education Faculty. He opened his first personal exhibition in 1993. He put his signature on works and exhibitions called “Nightmare and Fears,” ”Rite,” “Spiral Dreams,” “My Workshops,” “The Night of The Fish,” “Downhill” and “Railways.”


Live Casting Studio

We reach our value chain all across Turkey from our studio designed according to the needs, with our live broadcasts in the fastest way possible

With the camera shots we take in our studio, we share posts about topics which are need-based such as promotion of newly released products, informative videos, information sharing before training etc. via our own corporate tube system called Tideo.

We support the continuity and persistency of learning via live broadcasts and shootings shared subsequently with which we gather our internal and external trainers and participants.

With these broadcastings we stream in our studio, we enable instant interaction with our audience and get an opportunity to discuss on the topics as well. In this way, reliable information is conveyed to our target audience in the fastest way possible.