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The Learning Circle Framework™


Phase I: Target

All great training courses start with a focus, a target. If you don’t know why you are creating training and who you are building it for, you will most likely fail. Who is your audience? What business problems are your trying to solve? What are the needs and goals of your learners? These are all questions to consider in the Target phase. Targeting does not need to be an exhaustive analysis like, but it will be worth your time to consider some of the following elements when creating your learning strategy:

  • Interview Audience and Stakeholders

  • Define Problem(s)

  • Create Target Audience Personas

  • Define Success Criteria

Phase II: Create

The Create phase is where your amazing learning experience comes to life. During this phase, your learning materials are created, tested, and revised based on learner feedback. What are the primary learning objectives or goals? Where will you gather content and how will you curate it. In the modern age when content is created every second, more of your time should be focused on gathering and curating content and less on writing original content. How can you test your prototype and gather continual feedback from your learners and stake holders? These are all questions to consider in the Create phase. See an overview of the key elements of the Create phase:

  • Create Learning Goals

  • Gather and Create Content

  • Build and Test Prototype

  • Build Final Course

Phase III: Launch

So now you have a clear focus and your course has been tested with your learners—it is time to launch! What does your course roadmap look like? Specifically, when will you roll it out, who will take the training, and what channels will it be delivered? Have you considered how you will communicate your training program? After all, a training course is useless if people are not aware that it exists. These are all questions to consider in the Launch phase. This is the phase that excites all instructional design related professionals; this is when all of your hard work pays off! See an overview of the key elements of the Launch phase:


  • Create Course Roadmap

  • Identify Training Delivery Channels

  • Create Communications Plan

  • Deploy Course


Curated By: Bilal Ramazanoğlu

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