Tofaş Akademi

CATEGORY: Curated Training Platform of the Year


L&D professionals in the globe need to develop themselves on the profession. One domain of development is to have more benchmark data and knowledge on the progress in the industry in terms of new concepts and practices.

There is certainly a great deal of contents on the web. However, access to free and quality content requires much effort. Therefore, content curation is vital. Content curation is aggregating/discovering/gathering relevant content and then sharing or presenting it to audiences in a targeted and optimized way.



Bringing together the need in the L&D industry and Tofas Academy’s vision resulted in development of, L&D curation portal.


The portal promises to share:

  • Best practices of Tofas Academy
  • Curated content for L&D professionals in the world



The curators from Tofas Academy curated 94 contents up to now from 50 different sources such as ATD, TedX, HBR, Deloitte, Medium, ROI Inst., Forbes, Udemy and Stanford. The contents can be blogs, tweets, videos, document, picture, slides etc.

Contents are under the following categories:

  1. Learning & Development
  2. Learning Technologies
  3. Agility
  4. Organizational Development
  5. User Experience
  6. Design Thinking
  7. Gamification
  8. Instructional Design


User/Visitor Functions

  • Search content
  • View content
  • Like content
  • Subscribe to newsletter


Curator Functions

  • Search contents via curation engine from YouTube, Twitter, Google News, Pocket, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, SlideShare
  • View recommended contents provided by the automated curation bot, which notifies curators for specific keywords when a new content published on web
  • Curate and publish content



  • A unique content curation platform for L&D professionals that is free and rich in sources.
  • High user experience for both visitors and curators.
  • Latest curated content hub for L&D professionals about trending L&D subjects.
  • Automated curation engine from relevant social media/news tools such as YouTube, Twitter, Google News, Pocket, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, SlideShare.
  • Weekly newsletter for subscribers.
  • 6,910 visitors and 28,331 page views in 7 months.