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Tofas Way Business Board Game

CATEGORY: Learning/Training Team of the Year

It is a well-known fact that onboarding process has a critical role in employee’s adaptation to a new work environment. Tofas hires an average of 150 new employees annually of whom Y-generations constitute the 90%.

The in-depth need analysis resulted in revision of the onboarding process in which gamification played a major design factor. Thus, the team created Tofas Way Business Board Game (TWBBG) as a vital part of the new onboarding program.


What is Tofas Way Business Board Game?

TWBBG is a cooperative board game that aims to help newcomers understand the value chain of Tofas, including the business with its KPIs, main processes, departments and their relationships together with the products.


Design & Development

The game is designed in line with the Design Thinking model. The project team consisted of 1 project manager, 1 game designer, 1 photographer, 1 graphic designer and 9 SMEs. The game was designed as a typical Eurogame created on:

  • 10 Game mechanics: Resource acquisition, rewards, challenges, competition, chance, feedback, transactions, turns, cooperation, end of turn goals.
  • 6 Game components: Collections, leaderboards, gifting, points, teams, achievements.
  • 6 Game dynamics: Narrative, relationship, choice, emotions, constraints, and progression.


The game is developed with an agile approach revealing iterative delivery. The project team benefited from 50 testers from outside (professional players) and inside of the company (new comers, managers etc.).



Chief Accomplishments of Tofas Way Business Board Game:

  • Design thinking approach employed in the design process with 64 stakeholders.
  • Agile product development employed with iterative delivery.
  • The first of its kind in the automotive sector.
  • Its professional design meet with Euro Game standards by incorporating 6 game dynamics, 10 mechanics and, 6 components.
  • All the artifacts represent the Tofas’ ecosystem.
  • Satisfaction score is 7 out of 5. The participants benefited from the game, underpinned by some testimonials as: ‘’…beneficial for us to get to know the company more closely.’’; ‘’…a legendary game that fits the audience’ need.’’; ‘’…supportive and fun to learn.’’