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Tofas Way: A New Generation Onboarding Program

 CATEGORY: Onboarding Team of the Year

Tofas hires 150 employees annually of whom Y-generations constitute the 90%. The onboarding program should promise both rich and quality content, taking into the consideration the audience’ needs.

Tofas Way is a new generation onboarding journey, which includes various learning tools such as gamification, on-the-job training, coaching and peer learning to make newcomers understand customer needs, products, experience company’s business flow and internalize company culture.

A project team worked for the design of the new program with subjects of the field surveys summing up to 71 people of different roles: project members, SMEs, game designer, photographer, tester, graphic designer.

The project team employed Design Thinking method and Agility Approach with iterative delivery during the design process. The program utilizes various learning tools such as;

  • On-the-Job Training
  • Video Learning
  • Gamification
  • Social Learning
  • Coaching
  • Experiential Learning
  • In-class training


Tofas Way starts before the newcomer’s first day and encompasses the first 1 year. Below are the modules:

  • Pre – Onboarding: online learning tools utilize to make a smooth transaction before the active onboarding. Through the shared video link, new employees have access to ‘’Tofas 101 Online Course’’ which includes a message from CEO, a history of shareholders and information about Tofas brands.
  • First Day at Tofas: After a welcoming session with HR specialist, new employees meet with their orientation buddy. They also participate in obligatory training such as occupational safety.
  • Day 1 aims to accelerate employee’s knowledge about company’s business and production process. A business board game was created for this purpose which named as Tofas Way (see Annex). Lastly, employees visit the R&D center and production units.
  • Day 2 starts with a treasure-hunt to provide on the job learning experience. Participants accomplish several tasks through the game. Tasks are related to Tofas’ manufacturing and quality process.
  • Day 3 brings together Tofas management team and the new employees. Management team answers questions and introduces company culture. The day continues with a dealer visit and test-drive. During the test drive, participants learn the car models through experience.
  • Day 4 includes company strategy session, commercial processes presentation and a guided tour at Koc Museum which is a corporate social responsibility project done by one of Tofas’s shareholders. Through the tour, employees gets familiar with the corporate responsibility
  • First 1-to-12 months includes participation to ‘’Behavioral Development Counseling Program’’ which aims to provide one-to-one development guidance by certified internal coaches.
  • First 6 months includes participation to 2-days problem-solving course.