Tofaş Akademi

TOFAŞ Development Programs

Technical Training

This a compendium of activities spanning from classroom training sessions (modules, open class, etc.) to summits, expos, conferences, e-training, etc. for the purpose of supporting development of the employees on the basis of their technical proficiencies.

Gelişim Atölyesi “Behavioral Development Workshop”

The Behavioral Development Workshops which have been designed to facilitate conversion of the knowledge into behavior, are based on adult learning methods. This program is a developmental method with a focus on practice, which spreads the learning process over a large time span and employs miscellaneous learning methods.

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Deneyim Çemberi “Experience Hub”

The Experience Hub program is a long term behavioral development program where the individual employee, his/her manager, coach and human resources specialist get actively involved, containing social learning on the baseline and comprising of stages of in-classroom learning, individual learning activities, one-on-one coaching sessions, group coaching sessions and project activities.

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Maintenance School

At Tofaş Academy, in addition to technical training administered in classrooms, we design special training programs for those who work as service technicians in the field. This program is designed for enabling field employees of 6 separate categories such as installation, suspension, paintwork, press/die, bodywork and TTHM, to reach the expected level of competency. These designed training programs are called Service Technicians School.

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Production School

Production School is a program of us which includes all the stops the automobile visits in its production journey from press to body, paint to assembly and suspension and aims for the technical development of our field employees who play the leading role at these stops.Production School whose foundation was laid at the end of 2017 and which continues to grow and develop answers the needs of the target group with about 6000 people.

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Purchasing Professional Development Program

Purchasing Professional Development Program> which we initiated in 2018 in order to make the employees of the Purchasing Management gain a professional perspective and enable them to be in parallel efficiency with the demands of the changing business life continues its journey in 2019 as well by developing and getting updated.

The program which includes all the development activities from in-class instruction to conference; benchmark to OJT offers a customized and one of a kind learning experience for its target audience consisting of about 120 people.

Development activities including basic, intermediate and advanced levels based on both technical and the behavioural efficiency and need which the position requires for each job position determined within the Purchasing Management are formed and presented to the target audience.

One of the most important features that distinguishes Purchasing Professional Development Program from other development programs is that it is nothing but a team work. In addition to development experts, we work with a mixed team including program sponsor, coordinator and program committee as well as representatives from each department in the Purchasing Management. It is also one of the first programs carried out with 5 levels ROI measurement.


Moulding School


Moulding School was founded in 2017 so as to increase the current information and skill about the mould production and preserve the corporate memory. The most important feature that distinguishes moulding School from the other school structures is the fact that it also was supported with the collaboration of the other leading companies at the sector during its establishment and operation. Beyçelik, Şahinkul and Erkalıp firms are our supporter companies which can be given as examples for this collaboration.

  • Moulding School is a unique solution because of its features stated below:
  • The result of an extensive needs analysis belonging to 120 employees
  • Agile approaches used during its meeting with both content development and target audience
  • Various learning methods: wiki, video learning, in-class instruction, learning by doing and mentoring
  • Extraordinary management guidance resulting in %98 participation
  • 3.300 education hours in total  as of 2017 with 370 participants and 24 instructor in 24 development topic title
  • All-purpose development areas which enables both theory and the practice in the same field



R&D Development Programs

Tofaş R&D Centre works aiming to produce exciting tools and technologies which meet the customer needs fully all over the world.

In order to give support for maintaining its R&D Centre’s competitive status which have about 700 employees all across the world, technical trainings are given by Tofaş in-house instructors in 35 different topic titles.

Also, “R&D Orientation” program which starts to work recently at R&D Centre was designed in 2017 and put into service. All our R&D employees who start to work recently are aimed to benefit from this program including 100 hours in total with 8 different development topic titles.




Sign Language

Sign Language which we designed in order to ensure communication with hearing-impaired people working at Tofaş and enhance the current communication is a program which lasts 4 months and designed entirely tailor-made.

In this process, detailed face-to-face interviews were made with hearing-impaired employees, team leaders who had hearing-impaired employees in their team and people who worked in departments such as personnel affairs, health centre and Academy and the program content was prepared out of these interviews in the light of insights.

As distinct from the standard sign language instruction, the subjects such as technical terms and jargon used in the production units were included especially as well. Except this, another feature which makes it different from other program peers is the fact that the participants shoot videos about the studies they do as a project paper in sign language and they are available for the use of all employees via Tideo, our video platform.

In total, 41 people including 12 people working at different departments of Human Resources Management and 29 people working at the field in production areas attended the program we started in 2018 and they completed the program with success.