Tofaş Akademi

Tofas Maintenance School: A Unique Development Journey

 CATEGORY: Technical Training

Having started mass production of the new model at the end of 2015, the company faced a huge demand in the globe as the sole producer of the vehicle, exporting to 80 countries.

The audience is comprised of 450 employees of 68 maintenance roles as mechanical, electrical and electronic roles distributed among Die-Press, Assembly, Body, Paint and Suspension departments of production.

279 people from various departments were involved in four different projects as follows:

  • Competency Definition: Competencies are base of the school, because all details are shaped and designed according to competencies, which required working better and achieving targets.
  • Content Development: According to determined competencies, development mapping was established. Subject Matter Experts and Instructional Designers designed trainings with different methods. In addition, The Evaluation Strategy was defined.
  • Internal Trainer Selection & Development: Each Subject Matter Expert must pass the assessment to check their ability and eagerness to be trainer and complete development program.
  • Physical Area Preparation: Facilities and Technical Services worked for completing equipment kits and physical training areas. They provided constructing a multi-purpose venue allowing both theory and practice in the same space.

The Maintenance School serving to 450 employees of 68 different roles, is a unique solution due to the following reasons:

  • Lengthy needs analysis carried out with 279 employees.
  • In-depth benchmark analysis done through 10 site visits in Turkey, Italy and UK.
  • Agile approaches used during both content development and delivery.
  • Various learning methods: wiki, video learning, in-class training, learning by doing and mentoring.
  • An extra-ordinary reinforcement by the management team, which resulted in 98% participation.
  • 12,000 training hours generated by 1,132 participants and 34 trainers, through 36 courses delivered in 170 sessions.
  • A multi-purpose venue constructed, allowing both theory and practice in the same space.