Tofaş Akademi

Tofas Akademi Integrated Learning Management Ecosystem

CATEGORY: Learning Management Solution


Being aware of today’s complex world, the talent development staff adapts to change in the ecosystem triggered mostly by the competition, regulations, technology and customer expectations. Therefore, the emergence is responded with best-fit learning technology solution for the most suitable group.

Tofaş Academy Learning Management Ecosystem

Tofaş Academy’s learning technologies ecosystem provides a holistic experience for its employees. This technology ecosystem consists of the following headings:



Learning Event

  • Session management: System allows to manage multiple sessions in any face-to-face learning type. Users can easily change and cancel their sessions.
  • Competency integration: System is integrated with SAP’s technical competencies so that, managers can easily see their team members’ skill gaps and the trainings which is linked with related skill gaps. Also, they can assign related trainings sessions with one click.
  • RPA (Robotic Process Automation): Invitations are sent to participants via software robots.
  • Digital signage integration: Academy and classroom entrance screens display daily calendar of face-to-face trainings which comes from LMS integration. Also 1 smart kiosk serves as “where is my classroom” inquiries.
  • Instructor management: Instructors can take roll , assign pre/post-test, add-remove participant, evaluate homework.
  • Reporting: User, manager and drag and drop based admin reporting
  • Assign to my team: Managers can easily assign any course and its session to their .




  • Reaction: Questionnaire
  • Learning: Pre-Test, Post-Test, Homework


Digital Learning

  • SCORM converter: Any video, pdf and ppt can be easily converted into SCORM version and played in LMS. Various materials can be used as e-learning.
  • Wiki: Wiki is the corporate memory platform of TOFAS. It contains more than 600 technical articles which were written by 300+ TOFASian authors.
  • Interactive Video Portal “Tideo” Containing more than 10.000 videos, Tideo provides contents for both technical and personal development videos in 30 different channels. Creative studio allows users to create interactive experiences, just drag and drop tools such as questions, feedbacks, buttons, custom forms, clickable areas and more.
  • Online File library: Online pdf, ppt and other materials such as book summaries and articles can be categorized, tagged and shared with downloadable version on file library.Virtual Classroom: System has an integration with Adobe Connect Virtual Classroom system. So that, any virtual classroom where held on Adobe Connect can easily managed/reported on LMS.


70-20-10 Development Planning



Development Assistant

  • “Zekky” is online development assistant created by Tofas Academy. She receives the insights of the employees by asking the right questions and provides the most applicable development solution by smart algorithms. LMS is integrated with Zekky.