Tofaş Akademi

Tofas Academy: An Inspiring Strategic Enabler

CATEGORY: Best Strategy for a Corporate Learning University

Tofas Academy provides learning services a diverse audience of 17,000+ located in Tofas, its dealers and suppliers. Additionally, it provides development opportunities for students of various high schools, universities and new graduates as social responsibility.

Success Factors

Tofas Academy team outperformed in 2017 by doing right things on the way for Academy 2.0. This was done by:

  • Formulating and applying effective vision, mission and strategies on sourcing, evaluation and content development
  • Linking L&D strategies to corporate strategies for prioritization
  • Effective team work in Tofas Academy


Through effective efforts like employing more than 17 learning methods, using agile content development and delivery methods, marketing and networking, Tofas Academy leveraged its resources effectively and delivered unique programs.


With 530,000 training hours provided to 17,000 people, Tofas Academy achieved positive impact on various KPIs such as employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction, efficiency and sales.