Tofaş Akademi

TİDEO: Tofas’s Video Content Management Software

TIDEO project was implemented in order to enable dealers and service employees in 81 provinces spread throughout the country to meet with latest updated information instantly and to support the production processes and behavioural development of the employees of the company.

Tideo is The company’s video content production and management platform. With Tideo, 12,000 employees are offered over 10,000 video content on over 60 channels. Video contents are produced with internal resources.

The services offered with TIDEO can be grouped basically in 3 subject.

  • Video Content Library
  • Live Broadcasting
  • Interactive Videos

Advanced Functionalities

When logging the Tideo, the channels on the Tideo homepage meet the users. The channels were created by training and development professionals according to the needs of the users. The channels include over 10,000 videos and playlists created by combining related videos. Users experience a high level of user experience with the Advanced Features Offered by Tideo.

Search Function- Search function provides easy access to searched content. The search can be done in video names, descriptions and hashtags. The videos are uploaded to the system by hasgtagler admins are entered.

Channel Structure and Subscribe Function – The most popular videos and the most viewed videos were featured on the homepage again. When users follow up with the Subscribe to channel feature they are interested in, information about the new videos added to that blood is displayed as notification.

Socialization Functions – Users like the videos they watch, helping other users to have an opinion about the video. In addition, with the comment function, a mini-forum-like socialization environment is created under the video.

Creating a Personal Playlist – Playlists stand out in Tideo’s ease-of-use features. Users can watch topic-based playlists created by admin with one click, or they can create their own playlists by using the watch button. They can create their own personal playlisini according to their interests and have a personalized experience.

Web Search – All of these can be added to Tideo with a single click on videos from different sources.