Tofaş Akademi

Interactive Video Platform ‘Tideo’

We named the video portal which Tofaş employees can have access to their interactive video contents as “Tideo”. Containing more than 10.00 videos, Tideo provides contents for both technical and personal development. Constructed and brought into life as a corporate video portal, Tideo was designed based on the user habits of the most practical video platforms in the world. Containing different subjects in more than 30 different channels, Tideo also gives the opportunity for the employees to watch series consisting of short videos with its playlist structure

However, the most important feature which differentiates Tideo from other examples is “Interactive Video Technology.” By this means, many components such as visual, directing to different videos, feedback, assessment tests, pdf, connection link or html content are integrated into the content of the video components and a supplementary learning experience is obtained.

As a video learning component (in video or SCORM formats), Tideo components which an access can be achieved through mobile devices can also be integrated with LMS.

Interactive video technology is being used at TOFAS Engelsiz Hareket and Good Sign Projects below.