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Supplier Development


Supplier Development

This is a compendium of activities comprising of the class training sessions (modules) which are offered for the purpose of supporting them to improve technically, special development programs designed for Tofaş (training of the instructors, etc.)

Supplier UP Program

Our program called UP <Apply Your  Competency, Plan Your Development> which we designed in order to support our suppliers who are also our business partners in achieving the right and fast development of the human source, to be able to speak a common language and provide a more efficient business performance continues as of 2016.

Our target audience consists of people working at our suppliers in quality, project, logistics and sales fields.

The program aims to reveal the current and future needs of our suppliers and what kinds of competencies are required to be able to reach the targeted level and to support their developments in the light of these competencies.

Supplier Synergy Program

This is an orientation program through which we aim to let us and our suppliers know each other better, to better understand our mutual expectations, where we are in direct contact with our suppliers, employees of quality, logistics, sales and design departments participate.

Supplier GO Program

As of 2014, we host   our about 180 suppliers who accompany us together with HR professionals every year with the organization “GO HR – See Different, Be Different.”

In this development session, we aim to inspire each other by sharing the best HR applications from Tofaş and our suppliers.