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R&D Graduate Development Program


Automotive R&D Engineer Training Program Begins!

Don’t miss the 50 days/300 hours training opportunity!


R&D Engineer Training Program is a program organized through the cooperation between BUSIAD (Bursa Industrialists and Businessmen Association), OIB (Privatization Administration), MARTUR Automotive Seating Systems, BOSCH and COSKUNOZ Holding in order to contribute to the number of qualified R&D personnel that industry in Bursa needs. Undergraduate and graduate students of mechanical, industrial, mechatronic and automotive engineering faculties are admitted to the program. In addition to instructors from R&D centers and universities, instructors from professional training companies are present in the program. We provide apprenticeship possibilities to the participant during the training period; thereby, attempting to increase their industrial experience. The participants of this training have a chance to complete, in a very short time, those training sessions they shall have to complete for a long time after their employment.

The participants are asked to form groups of 4 – 5 and perform a product development project. The projects so realized are presented to the participants over posters on a special day organized after the end of the training term.

The participants must participate at least 80% of class hours in order to continue and graduate from this program for which no tuition fees are requested. While the participants receive a certificate for each training they attended, program participation certificate is given by Tofaş Academy at the end of the program. We believe that thanks to the training which the program participants received, they shall easily get a job and after employment they shall rapidly adapt to and be an advantage for the business they are employed for.

NOT: YDS or YOKDİL scores of 60 or more; undergraduate students or postgraduate students who graduate from mechanical, mechanical and mechatronics engineering undergraduate programs in June 2019 can participate in the program.

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