Tofaş Akademi

Proudly Fiat’ian

Category: Sales Training

The automotive market in Turkey is highly competitive since there are 42 brands. The macro-economic conditions and the competition require the companies to be more customer oriented, which reveals promoting the effectiveness of the sales process.

There are 19 Fiat models with various versions to be known and be compared with the competitors. These models are sold by 500 Fiat Sales Advisors distributed among 74 showrooms throughout the country. The Advisors are classified as Automobile and Commercial advisors. This role is critical because they highly affect the two prominent business metrics: units sold and customer experience.

The high turnover of the Sales Advisors and the complexity of the business entail Sales Advisors be highly knowledgeable of the products, compare them with the competitors and perform right sales skill on the prospect customer.

Program Structure

Proudly FIATian program is composed of the following steps:

  1. Quiz Game (3-weeks)

Game-based mobile learning tool Quiz Game is supported with easy to test based learning. Before the Proudly FIATian program, 250 questions regarding 9 models sent to sales advisors via Quiz Game.

Quiz Game platform supports self-learning.


  1. Proudly FIATian Day

The program has parallel sessions for automobiles and commercial vehicles tracks. Both tracks’ content is same and simultaneous.

Track 1 and Track 2 – Automobiles & Commercial vehicle models (4-hours)

The Parallel tracks were placed in 3 different sessions with 9 stages designed as 9 different models for automobile and commercial vehicles models. Each member of the team plays a role-play, which in turn sells it to the product manager in the intermediary customer role. This performance is enhanced in real time with the tablets in the hands of the product managers.

Track 3 – Bonus (1-hour)

The bonus track includes 3 stages, our participants visiting the Stages within the set-up have collected bonus points by fulfilling the special mission for every track.



  • Rich portfolio of learning methods used: role-play, self-learning, peer-learning, video-learning, online game, feedback and seminar.
  • Online game played for 3 weeks with great interest as a self-learning tool.
  • 500 sales advisors executed role-plays before 19 Fiat vehicles in a 2,000 m2 venue
  • A team of 67 people took role in design and execution of the program.
  • Participants satisfied at 4.71 over 5.0
  • Learning achieved at 80 points over 100.
  • Vehicle sales increased as the brand became the 2nd in the market.

Sales advisors were highly motivated by the program.