Tofaş Akademi


Tofaş Academy is a development hub which offers technical and behavioral training solutions which have been designed in line with the company’s goals and and provide them with a unique and personalized training experience.

Tofaş Academy, the foundations of which were laid in 2010, aims at forming corporate memory of the automotive giant, Tofaş, one of the largest industrial establishments of Turkey and discipline it; thereby, deriving sustainable benefits and enabling all of its employees and stakeholders to perform their functions better and get prepared for the future.

Tofaş Academy which uses its best endeavors to bring meaning to everyone with whom it comes in contact through applying the most suitable and innovative teaching and developmental methods, offers an experience, independent of place and full of fun, thanks to all media and possibilities it provides. Besides, it inspires entire automotive industry and all academies of other industries by its means of unique techniques, pioneering activities and sustained achievements.

The Tofaş Academy, which plays a vital role in the voyage of the Company into future, assumes the function of the Company’s information factory and transforms the knowledge. It focuses on individual, professional and corporate development by determining the need correctly for raising the educated/trained and experienced personnel for the automotive industry. Tofaş Academy which has hundreds of training modules designed for different learning styles and raises its instructors in-house, represents a development platform which possesses physical conditions and content infrastructure equivalent of universities.