Tofaş Akademi

Learning Management System


TOFAŞ Academy Portal has provided services in human resources, education, and communication area to our Dealer chain of TOFAŞ Academy since 2010.

TOFAŞ Academy training programs covers more than 100 technical and behavioral development activity for sales and aftersales organization of dealers in the field of automotive. All of these development activities has been specifically designed according to blended learning approach.

In this context, before each classroom training, distance educations that  must taken by the participants as a precondition are designed. Cognitive level of participants are determined with e-exam performed before and after the application of trainings.

Employees gain points from evaluations makes after the e-learning and classroom trainings. All development of employees’ can be followed from the TOFAŞ Academy Dealer Portal.

Besides the central training planning, dealers can organize internal training activity over the Dealer Portal. Internal trainers who participated in the internal trainers training program given by TOFAŞ Academy, can determine a training for their dealer employees. They provide opportunity for the reinforcement of information that is given via online and classroom training. While planning internal training, internal trainer enter the information about the topic of the training and participation on the Dealer Portal. Thus, internal trainings’ details can be followed from the TOFAŞ Academy Dealer Portal too.

Retention of all these development activities is measured via online assessment exams applied from TOFAŞ Academy Dealer Portal during the year. Satisfaction survey results are used to measure the effectiveness of activities on the field staff. Besides, face-to-face feedback are received from the management team with top-management meeting. Evaluation meetings are carried out with sales and aftersales management team. With the help of all obtained data, system is reviewed and required improvements are made.

Updated trainings are planned for individuals and groups specially, related with identified areas for improvement.

Besides all these features in the TOFAŞ Academy Dealer Portal has the following features;

  • Position-Based Development Planning
  • Classroom Training Management
  • Distance Education Management
  • Competency Assesssment
  • Certification System
  • Employee Experience Survey
  • Turnover Reporting
  • Star System and Monitoring Target Card (Dealer Training performance Bonus System)
  • Training Performance Evaluation
  • File & Training Library (Information Cube)
  • Glossary
  • Communication Activities
  • “Wow” Stories (the sharing environment of best practices and applications that make a difference)
  • Dealer Directory
  • Photography Club
  • Tofas e-Newspaper
  • E-Library

TOFAŞ Academy Dear Portal actually include 3 sub-function; Training Portal, HR Development Portal and Communication Portal.


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