Tofaş Akademi

Learning Management System

Tofaş Academy aims at being able to offer the most suitable technological solution to the right target audience for the sake of providing a unique and personalized training experience to all stakeholders to whom it extends training and personal development services. In this scope, requirement analysis and user experience methods are used in order to make lives of all participants easier and support their learning experience to the maximum possible extent during these processes.

The technological solutions which are discovered after the requirement analysis that is performed in this fashion, are constructed in line with the preset design criteria.

Our Design Criterias are as follows:

  1. User experience is our utmost priority.
  2. We offer only best fitted technology.
  3. We think in a holistic manner and aim at an integrated system throughout entire processes.
  4. We do not hesitate to try untried ones and we take risks.
  5. We approach agile and act proactively.




Learning Management System

The learning management system which offers multiple session management in classroom trainings, e-learning and  blended learning processes by means of its user friendly interface, and also serves as a management and integration hub for all learning technologies.

Blended Learning Module

LMS Blended Learning Module has a ability to integrate different types of learning materials such as e-learning, pdf, video, virtual classroom, homework, exam, questionnaire into one program.

Online Evaluation System

Pre and post evaluation tests are now on online via computers and mobile devices. System allows for instant access to the exam results, and our instructors gets the fastest results and feedbacks of the training.

Virtual Classroom

With virtual classroom technology which used in blended learning sessions, development is now time and space independent!






Online File Library

Supporting development materials such as training documents, presentations, book summaries and online publications such as HBR, AutoNews, Spring etc. can be accessed through all devices.

Tofaş Academy Mobile Application

With Tofaş Akademi Mobile App which published on Android Play Store and Apple Store, it is possible to gain access to Development Planning, Online Evaluation System, File Library, Tideo and Social Forum Modules. 

Instructor Module

While Tofaş Academy instructors take their roll call online, they can view pre-tests and post-tests of the participants and share online the evaluation questionnaires with the participants.





Social Learning

Social Forum is specially designed for our instructors and training participants’ social learning needs and to reach personalized training goals.



Through our interactive e-learning platform, hundreds of technical and behavioral e-learning materials can be provided to our employees.


 Individual Development Planning

Our employees can add individual development activities into LMS apart from the development activities offered by Tofaş Academy. These activities can be participating in a project competition, reading an article, participating in a social responsibility project or completing an online program on Udacity, Coursera vb.

Event Planning Module

Via event planning module, all face-to-face sessions which are created on LMS are reflected all classroom screens and kiosks lively.