Tofaş Akademi

“Good Sign” Project

“İyiye İşaret” -Good Sign- Platform is a social responsibility project developed to support those who are deaf or with hearing-impaired to express themselves efficiently in a more eloquent Turkish. In the beginning of the project, 10 individuals who are deaf or hearing-impaired, high-school graduates and who work at TOFAŞ Turk Automobile Factory was given Turkish lessons. Depending on the common mistakes made during this learning process, the words which would be emphasized was determined and the use of these words in Turkish Grammar was explained for public opinion with interactive videos on this website:

Each word video was designed in 4 parts including Show, Speak, Point and Lecturing. Word maps were created by associating each word with the next one. People who follow the words in a related way can develop their Turkish grammar.

Hoping its social benefit will be high, productive and informative


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