Tofaş Akademi

Behavioral Development Workshop

The Development Workshop is a new generation learning experience which spreads learning process over time, through technological support, focuses on practice and employs myriads of learning methods for the purpose of facilitating conversion of knowledge into behavior.

The Development Workshops include contents which are in parallel with our company’s behavioral proficiency set.

A Development Workshop is completed within 2 months and comprises of the following stages.

Online Video Sharing (30 – 40 min. on average): The Development Workshops start online even before the trainee/participants come to the classroom. The Program’s Leader shares with the participants the relevant theoretical information on the subject matter competency at hand via the video channel.

Workshop 1 (1 Day): This is the part where the information described on the videos are reinforced through Tofaş-specific practices. The participants are expected to emerge from the Workshop with an action plan / practice activity.

Online Support (Thrice a week on average for 21 days): The Program’s Leader is in continuous contact with the participants who come out of the day 1 with an action plan by sharing resources through an online platform and transferring the experiences and giving new practice homeworks to the participants for a period of 21 days. It is ensured that throughout this period, the participants apply what they learn from this workshop in real life and are in continuous contact with the program’s leader when s/he needs it.

Workshop 2 (1 Day): The Workshop 2 which takes place 21 days after the Workshop 1, represents the 2nd day of the program when knowledge is reinforced through practice and general topics are instructed.

Virtual Class (45 minutes on average): The virtual class, which takes place following Workshop 2, is moderated by the Program’s Leader. During this session the participants share their good practices and areas where they have difficulties.

The purpose of the development workshops’ design comprising of various tools spread over time, is to cement the knowledge in terms of behavioral modification and to ensure the acquired knowledge is used more in business life.