Tofaş Akademi

East Campus

Tofaş Akademi East Campus has 2400 square meters indoor areas and there are 9 different clasrooms which the smallest one is 80 square meters with the capacity of 25 people; one conference and seminar hall with the capacity of 300 people in 240 square meters; 3 peer-to-peer coaching rooms, a library containing about 3000 publishing in total and a recreational area of 500 square meters.

Tofaş Akademi East Campus was designed so as to enable to take maximum outcome from the instructions with its carefully selected class order, visual choices, light and audio arrangements and provides service with an order in which the participants will be in a maximum contact with the instruction and the instructor by eluding from their current works.

Foyer area which is located in the Tofaş Akademi East Campus has a cafeteria in which the participants can take advantage of the offerings at breaks and a structure in which they can rest and work within 500 square meters that can be transformed in a  short time into a seminar/event/concert area thanks to portable materials and equipment. This area which makes use of maximum natural light in the activities that takes place during the day has a lighting and structure which will provide maximum productivity in night activities as well.


Coaching Rooms

Coaching is a development journey which enables the individuals to reveal their potentials through discovering their sources of motivation and individual barriers. The fields which the individual wants to experience might be for “Performance, Learning and Self-Development” dimensions.

Coaching approach also sets ground for many different behavioural development programmes such as Experience Hub and In-house Coaching by means of Tofaş Akademi.

3 different Coaching Rooms which take place at Tofaş Akademi East Campus completed in 2019 was designed in order to transform the interaction of humans with the space into a positive experience.

So as to make the coachee feel comfortable in the environment where she/he is at, natural shades and objects were used in the design of the coaching rooms for enhancing the feelings of cosiness on purpose.

To preserve the privacy of the interview and create a complementary atmosphere, the exterior of the rooms were covered with a leaf-patterned background.

So as to move the interview away from the hierarchy and ease the sense of distance between the coach and the coachee, no table was used in the rooms.

And to increase the sharing between the coach and the coachee, the armchairs used in the rooms were situated at the same height and colour.



Tofaş Akademi Library

Located at Tofaş Akademi East Campus, our library provides the service of borrowing books to all Tofaş employees. Containing more than 4000 books, the library is situated at the entry of East Campus. With the new book purchasing request form applied once a year, the supply of recommended books by our employees and with their book donations, our library is prospering. In our library which holds current releases as well as books containing technical information, there are publications in categories such as following:

  • Self-Help: 488
  • Business Management:658
  • Hobby :517
  • Automotive :210
  • Technical :295
  • Legal:269
  • Literature :391
  • History:353
  • Foreign Language:135


Library Book Request Service,

Our employees submit their book requests in the digital platform for which access can be achieved on education management system via book request system. The requested book is followed by the library responsible and delivered on the tables of our employees in the same day via in-mail post service.

In the process of returning the book, our employees do not need to go to the library either and again with the in-mail post service, the book is taken from their offices and transported to our library.

Our employees can have access to services such as search function, access for the book details, request, queuing and past display via digital library portal.

The same service in Bursa premise is given at our Headquarter premise on the side of İstanbul as well. Also, in our Istanbul Headquarter building, the service is provided for our employees with the Library Corner consisting of contemporary best-seller books. By carrying out self-service process with the barcode system adapted exclusively for Istanbul, physical book delivery can also be done