Tofaş Akademi

Digital Development Assistant “Zekky”

Digital Assistance in Development Planning

In the name of serving a personalized learning experience for employees, the biggest starting point of smart development assistant project was to aim to provide the most suitable solution they needed as seen on Academy’s missionAccording to performance results and 360 feedback results, employees pick five technical development and one behavioral development training in parallel with targets of following year and competencies needs to be improved.

Sub-behavior indicators of leadership principles were prepared for 44 different development solutions belonging to 5 different programs.

Need analysis questions for each set of sub-behaviors were prepared, also.

The employees who answered the motivation questions determined whether they had enough motivation to participate fully in an classroom training and how much time they could devote to their own development. These were the first questions the system asked the employee.

A total of 6 different data, together with motivation results, constitute input for the solution proposal.

  • Motivation Level: The level of motivation for participation in training is determined by the questions answered by the employee.
  • Time Data: Indicates the time that the employee can devote to personal development.
  • Training Participation Performance: Measures the employee’s participation performance in previous years’ training. It is taken from the learning management system (LMS) system by integration.
  • Focus Area: The employee selects the area of behavioral development he / she wants to focus on among the principles of leadership.
  • Needs Analysis: The employee reaches the proposed development activity by answering the questions related to the sub-behavior indicators below the selected focus area.
  • Manager Assessment: Behavioral competence assessment score made by the manager to the employee. It is taken from the SAP system by integration.
  • Behavioral Competence Assessment: Includes 360 ° behavioral performance results. It is taken from the SAP system by integration.