Tofaş Akademi

Development Workshops

CATEGORY: Best Use of Blended Learning

Development Workshops are our behavioral competency development tools. Development Workshop contents are based on one behavioral competency. Managers and employees prepares a development plan every year by taking into consideration of the performance results, the 360 degree feedback results and the coming year targets of the employee. Employees enroll Development Workshops according to their development plan to develop their behavioral competencies.

Innovative Delivery Methods in Development Workshops are as follows:

  • Micro Learning: Development Workshop requires participants spend short time in each step and contains small bites of learning. Each development workshop addresses one competency to ensure participant focus within the subject.
  • Spaced Learning: The Development Workshop is completed in 6 weeks. During this time, learning transfers to participants in 5 different time periods.
  • Video Learning: Development Workshops main aim is to transfer learning to behavior. For this reason, theoretical parts are given by video learning. Thus, there is plenty of practice time in the classroom.
  • Social Learning: In Development Workshops, participants interact with the program leader and each other via an online app between day 1 and day 2. This enables participants share their own experiences and learning from each other’s experiences not only in classroom but also on the online platform for 21 days.
  • Coaching & Mentoring: The program leader does coaching and mentoring throughout the program.
  • On the Job Training: Participants leave day 1 with an on the job action plan. This plan contains their on the job practices and how they will apply what they have learned to their real business life for the next 21 days.
  • Mobile Learning: Program leader shares various learning sources such as articles, book summaries, videos via mobile app during the period between day1 and day 2. Thus participants can learn and access sources anywhere and anytime they needed.
  • Virtual Class: After Development Workshop Day 2 program leader and participants meet in virtual class. In this virtual class participants and program leader shares experiences about practices done and set next goals.

The purpose of the Development Workshops’ design comprising of various tools spread over time, is to cement the knowledge in terms of behavioral modification and to ensure the acquired knowledge is used more in business life.

Using all these innovative delivery methods in right order and to be responsive to the needs of the participant makes Development Workshops a unique program.