Tofaş Akademi

Development Programs

Technical Training

This a compendium of activities spanning from classroom training sessions (modules, open class, etc.) to summits, expos, conferences, e-training, etc. for the purpose of supporting development of the employees on the basis of their technical proficiencies.


Gelişim Atölyesi “Behavioral Development Workshop”

The Behavioral Development Workshops which have been designed to facilitate conversion of the knowledge into behavior, are based on adult learning methods. This program is a developmental method with a focus on practice, which spreads the learning process over a large time span and employs miscellaneous learning methods.

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Deneyim Çemberi “Experience Hub”

The Experience Hub program is a long term behavioral development program where the individual employee, his/her manager, coach and human resources specialist get actively involved, containing social learning on the baseline and comprising of stages of in-classroom learning, individual learning activities, one-on-one coaching sessions, group coaching sessions and project activities.

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Foreign Language Development – “Italian”

This is a language school comprising of 5 levels in total, where those persons who can speak Italian as a part of their technical proficiencies and must speak Italian as required by his position participate.


Supplier Development

This is a compendium of activities comprising of the class training sessions (modules) which are offered for the purpose of supporting them to improve technically, special development programs designed for Tofaş (training of the instructors, etc.).

UP Supplier Program

This is an orientation program created for ensuring:
• Rapid and correct development of human resources,
and its adaptation
• Using the common terminology,
• Ensuring effective work performance,
• Identifying current/future requirements clearly and attaining the targeted level.

Supplier Synergy Program

This is an orientation program through which we aim to let us and our suppliers know each other better, to better understand our mutual expectations, where we are in direct contact with our suppliers, employees of quality, logistics, sales and design departments participate.

New Models Training

This is a development program which is prepared for new products of FIAT, Jeep and Alfa Romeo brands. Through this development program, we intend to make our dealer and service networks know and learn the new vehicles in the best possible way in order to both increase sale figures and offer better service. A program which also includes gamifications shall be prepared for each product. Target audience of this program includes Sales Managers, Sales Consultants and Service Managers.

Discovery Days

This is a program prepared for enhancing technical and behavioral proficiency of Service Consultants – Customer Relations Responsible who are working at Fiat Services. Through this development program, Service Consultants, Customer Relations Responsible Personnel keeps their technical data they need in their daily business lives, updated and this program is further supported by behavioral training sessions. This program is repeated every year. Target audience of this program comprises of FIAT Service Consultants and Customer Relations Responsible Personnel.

Proudly, FIAT

This program is designed to increase the sales skills of the FIAT Sales consultants and FIAT Sales Managers. It is aimed at enhancing product knowledge as well as behavioral development that should be exhibited against customers.

STE’s At The Summit

This is a program intended for enhancing behavioral competency of the target audience and updating the modifications made to the procedures throughout the year. This program is repeated every year. In addition to behavioral training, the contents of the program shall ensure reinforcement of the technical proficiencies through gamification. Target audience of this program is technical experts.

FIAT Service Olympic Games

This is a program developed for the purpose of improving technical proficiencies of the target audience. This program is designed in form of a contest. Those technicians and consultants working at the services attend the central contest as a result of a screening process they developed among themselves. During this contest, a ranking shall emerge as a result of scoring the technical competencies. The purpose of the program is to ensure technicians and consultants to teach themselves through a contest. This program is repeated every year in the categories of mechanics, bodywork and paintwork. The target audience of the program is Fiat technicians, Fiat Service and Damage Consultants.


Maintenance School

At Tofaş Academy, in addition to technical training administered in classrooms, we design special training programs for those who work as service technicians in the field. This program is designed for enabling field employees of 6 separate categories such as installation, suspension, paintwork, press/die, bodywork and TTHM, to reach the expected level of competency. These designed training programs are called Service Technicians School.

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Sales Academy

Sales Academy is a project aiming at raising employees who are competent in sales especially within the automotive industry, as a part of our social responsibility approach for contributing to automotive industry.

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