Tofaş Akademi

Development Workshops

“Development Workshops” is an awarded development programme of Tofaş Akademi in which various learning devices are used together focusing on the behavioural development of the office employees.

“Development Workshops” which offer a blended learning experience in a way to support the philosophy of “learning by doing” is granted to Brandon Hall and Stevie awards in 2018.

Development Workshop Programme includes;

  • Tideo Video Series,
  • 4-week Whatsapp follow-up,
  • Virtual Class which takes 1 hour and
  • 1 Full day Class Instruction


Tideo Video Series

Video learning is one of the most important learning tools located in the Development Workshops. The content which covers the theory part of the training is designed exclusively for each training. Video series which are prepared are shared via Tideo, online video platform of Tofaş.

The duration of each video is 3 minutes and one video series takes approximately 35 minutes


Whatsapp as an Online Mentoring tool (1 month)

In order to keep the contact between the instructor and the participants consistently, Whatsapp is used actively during the programme as an online learning tool through which the participants receive structured contents.

Whatsapp group which will be used for the online follow-up of each group is formed one week before the virtual class and stays active for 1 month in total until the Class Instruction.


Virtual Class (1 hour)

Unlike Tideo video content prepared about the theory part of the training, Virtual Class is a learning tool based on theory in which the information is transferred.
Virtual Class takes place 3 weeks before the Class Instruction. All the theoretical information within the scope of the Development Workshop is transferred in the virtual class


Class Instruction (1 Full day)

As an echo of the “learning by doing” philosophy of Tofaş Akademi, Class Instruction is designed as a learning platform in which only the practices are made regarding the education content in the Development Workshops.

Class Instruction takes place in 1 full day after 3 weeks from the Virtual Class.
In Class Instruction, the practices which will enhance the transformation of the theory into behaviour is made and the participants are divided with a special action plan.



Based on the methodology of the ROI Institute, Experience Circle Programme is measured in steps such as 1. Level (satisfaction), 2. Level (learning) and 3. Level (behavioural change).