Tofaş Akademi

Design Thinking

What is it?

Design thinking is to feel empathy to develop an understanding in which the people we design services and products for are the centrepiece.

The process of design thinking which is in use today has many variances, having 3 to 7 stages, phases or modes, all variances alike represents the same principles. 5 staged model that is suggested by Hasso-Plattner Design Institute which is also known as, is at the forefront of application and teaching of design  thinking.



“We are the fuel of innovation”

TOFAŞ Akademi has undertaken an accelerator role in order to support innovation as a strategic priority of the company. With its domestic resources, it provides training, coaching, consulting and hosting support about human- design, simple new enterprise and agility. The first agile software development project of the company was born in this ecosystem. Today, we follow the process from defining the work problem of cross functional teams to the release of the product.



Agility is the fastest and the most trustworthy project application approach among the methods used in the rivalry and uncertainty environments which companies are in. The agile methods are not process-based but rather human-based. Therefore, it advocates clearly to authorize people more, encourages to be self-determining and defends less bureaucracy. Thus, it makes possible to give quick answers for the changes.

As Tofaş Akademi, we give full-time support for the projects in the subjects whose project subjects are applicable with domestic resources, certificated instructors and Coaches. The most important contributions of the agile approaches to the results is that the project owner is included in the project at each step until reaching a conclusion and thus it encourages everybody who partakes in the project to be proactive, rather than reactiver.