Tofaş Akademi

Dealer Development Programs


As Tofaş Akademi, we are in charge of the training and development activities of dealer employees who consist of almost 4.500 people working in our brands such as FIAT – FIAT Professional – Alfa Romeo – JEEP – Ferrari and Maserati.

We have put our five day-training program which we call Sales School into practice for our sales advisors who are one of the most crowded teams in this staff. The target group of the training program is our sales advisors who have just started working and completed his/her digital trainings.

In the five-day training of the sales school, our sales advisors receive training about the subject mentioned below;




  • History of the Brand
  • The World of Automotive
  • Sales Technics
  • 6 Steps Sales Process
  • Automotive Technologies
  • TOFAŞ Plant Tour


At the end of the five-day training program, the advisors who attend to the training take an assessment exam and the training ends with this assessment exam


After Sales

As Tofaş, we own the Distributorship rights of such brands as Fiat, Fiat Professional, Alfa Romeo, Jeep and we provide their after-sales services as well. And Tofaş Akademi offers development solutions for the sales and after-sales organizations of the dealers available in more than 160 premises across Turkey.

One of the priorities in the after-sales services is to meet maximum customer satisfaction and loyalty by providing the right one-time car maintenance with the vehicles of the customers who come to the service for maintenance or repair. For this purpose; sufficient know-how, behavior, knowledge and skills are required from the service personnel who work at the service and keep contact with the customers all the time and from the service technicians who do the maintenance-repair processes of the vehicles of our customers. In order to increase these competencies, each service employee receives training programs determined for them by Tofaş Akademi.


Each personnel who starts to perform duties in the service is registered to the LMS of Tofaş Academy and his/her learning journey begins. They initially complete the interactive orientation video training in order to obtain service adaptation quickly and afterwards they are assigned online trainings which will increase their competency including technical, process and behavior subjects prepared for them. After completing these trainings, they are invited to the class trainings which also include practices. Service employee who completes the class, video and e-education instructions continues to perform his/her duties on the one hand and on the other hand Tofaş Academy contributes their constant learning with its rich sources based on the blended learning method via up-to-date instant notifications (virtual class, mailing, live broadcast, video training etc.) and improvement days.





Discovery Days

This is a program prepared for enhancing technical and behavioral proficiency of Service Consultants – Customer Relations Responsible who are working at Fiat Services. Through this development program, Service Consultants, Customer Relations Responsible Personnel keeps their technical data they need in their daily business lives, updated and this program is further supported by behavioral training sessions. This program is repeated every year. Target audience of this program comprises of FIAT Service Consultants and Customer Relations Responsible Personnel.


STE’s At The Summit

This is a program intended for enhancing behavioral competency of the target audience and updating the modifications made to the procedures throughout the year. This program is repeated every year. In addition to behavioral training, the contents of the program shall ensure reinforcement of the technical proficiencies through gamification. Target audience of this program is technical experts.


FIAT Service Olympic Games

This is a program developed for the purpose of improving technical proficiencies of the target audience. This program is designed in form of a contest. Those technicians and consultants working at the services attend the central contest as a result of a screening process they developed among themselves. During this contest, a ranking shall emerge as a result of scoring the technical competencies. The purpose of the program is to ensure technicians and consultants to teach themselves through a contest. This program is repeated every year in the categories of mechanics, bodywork and paintwork. The target audience of the program is Fiat technicians, Fiat Service and Damage Consultants.

Proudly Fiat’ian

The target group of our Proudly FIAT’ian event which was organized for the third time in 2019 is the sales advisors of our FIAT brand. In our training and development event which is organized every year, each year a training setup and learning purposes take place for that year exclusively.

In this event organized with the participation of dealer sales organizations with about 400 people, the aim is to make our advisors learn while having a good time through gamification. 15 days before the event, our advisors both learn and score with about 250 questions assigned to them via online learning platform. These questions are selected among the subjects of communication technics – sales methods – customer types – product features – history of the brand and rival model features.

As of the first day of the event, the scores gained from the questions answered in the online learning program are counted in behalf of our advisors. During the event, while our sales advisors maintain their development in the automobile learning stage, our commercial sales advisors keep their progress in the commercial vehicle learning stage.

They both compete and learn with individual and team games about the product features – their advantages compared to their rivals – of our models determined in each group, the features of the rival models and potential customer groups. In addition to all these topics, the learning stages in which they can repeat the automobile technologies that come to the fore every year will be waiting for them.

At the end of the day, with the scores gained from online learning platform and learning stages, the leaders of the automobile and commercial vehicle learning parkours end up with the last stage and they compete with each other to be the champion by answering the questions asked on stage. In this way, the champion of our Proudly FIAT’ian learning stages event is announced.

Another important aspect of the event for our sales advisors is the Q & A session in which they can ask the question they wonder about directly to the management team of the company and get answers at first hand.

In the premier night, our advisors receive their certificates of seniority and performance awards and spend an entertaining night in the company of the songs of the singer that takes stage.

Proudly FIAT’ian event which is an important event in terms of meeting of the sales advisors who come from all across Turkey and developing collaboration within the year comes to the forefront with the most successful fiction of sales training award in global arena.