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Corporate Memory Platform “Wiki”

Wiki is the digital corporate memory that makes technical information permanent by providing a digital space for employees to share their technical knowledge. It helps democratization of know-how transfer.

Unique Writing Experience – Multi Media Support

Wiki has super user friendly writing editor that maximizes the best reading performance with certain fonts and sizes. Users can use this editor to add bullet, number, hyperlink and multimedia such as video and photo. Users can easily add multimedias such as youtube videos, images, tweets to their posts via using single click.

Table of Content

Jumping to the desired sub-title is as close as a click with table of content structure. This function provides instant access to the requested part of post.

Agile Content Delivery

Users produce early value by publishing their technical information from early stages of contents. There is no need to wait for completing whole content in order to publish. Users can publish iteratively and uptade whenever they want.

Socialization Functions:

The Wiki combines the high user experience with the functions that make socialization possible, providing a unique atmosphere of interaction. Socialization functions can be summarized in 5 headings: share, claps (up to 50), comment, suggest and follow the author.


Users can follow their position on wiki’s leaderboard. It has 2 categories; top writer ranking (Wiking) and the most liked post ranking.

Customization: Users can edit their profile information , change their profile pictures and they can edit notification settings which offers new comments, new clap or new post notifications.



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