Tofaş Akademi

Corporate Memory Platform “Wiki”

Transferring TOFAŞ’s 50 years of know-how into digital environment, Wiki platform was formed in order to be the corporate memory platform. Reasons such as not to be able to have access to the certificates, documents, educational and in-unit notifications which are in different physical/digital environments; the difficulties of updating and not being able to make quick search in between the documents became the biggest motivations in bringing Wiki into life. By carrying all these documents into the digital environment, TOFAŞ’a all know how was carried into the future.

Wiki contains more than 550 technical information and experience sharing content.

The contents created by more than 300 TOFAŞ inhouse writers are included in more than 15 categories. In these categories, information in all areas from Supply Chain to Marketing, Production to Human Resources is available.

With the experience Wiki provides to its users, reading and sharing experience becomes a joy. In Wiki which contains the high technologies in reading and writing experience through its simple interface, visual, youtube, tweet, Instagram post, and elements with different links can be attached into the writings.