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Continuous Assessment and Measurement with Clever Nelly

Training is critical to the success of all of our members and for training to work, what is taught must be retained, i.e. learned. Clever Nelly is an application designed by Elephants Don’t Forget that Guarantees that what is trained is learned, therefore increasing employee capability and competency. Through continuous gentle assessment and measurement, it provides detailed insight into knowledge retention of every employee in a business and creates a culture of continual learning.

Organisations are using Clever Nelly to help resolve business challenges including regulatory compliance, KPI failure or shortfall, and knowledge recognition. It is also an excellent platform to support the successful and effective induction of new employees.

So how does Nelly work?

Questions are received via an email link into an individual’s inbox (or mobile via a smart phone app or app for a tablet) and the individual selects an answer from a multiple choice under a time constraint. If the question is answered correctly Clever Nelly will instantly let the individual know. If the question is answered incorrectly Nelly will instantly tell the individual the correct answer. The individual can answer the questions whenever they choose (but every day is most powerful) and the average time spent answering the questions is less than two minutes. Nelly is intelligent and selects questions based on the previous responses of each individual, focussing on what the individual has proven they don’t know.

Over a relatively short period of time Clever Nelly will recognise an individual’s knowledge strengths and weaknesses. Nelly will then adjust the questions accordingly. If the questions are answered correctly they are ‘refrigerated’ and re-introduced again usually after 6 months has elapsed.

The benefits that organisations have seen as a result of using Clever Nelly have included:

  • Improved employee in-role performance
  • Improved Regulatory compliance
  • Reduced ‘shrinkage’ (employees available to work for greater % of working year)
  • Improved ROI on training
  • Precise Training Needs Analysis, saving precious training budget
  • Improved staff retention
  • Precise Clear measuring of knowledge and competency
  • Supporting of core values in the business
  • Creation of a culture of continual learning
  • A supplement to current training

Clever Nelly is available as an Android or iPhone app so that individuals can always receive questions whether they are in the office or away.



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