Tofaş Akademi



When you step into TOFAŞ Academy, The Shadow of the Knowledge greets you at left side of the foyer area.

The artwork which took an artistic form using waste components of Fiat automobiles, and is named “The Shadow of the Knowledge”, reveals TOFAŞ’s impeccable resolution to build the future through its unique experience in automotive industry. “The Shadow of the Knowledge” through the composition it has, reflects the vision of TOFAŞ Academy, emphasizing the fact that learning is possible only through strong communications.

To the right of the foyer area, you will sea cut-through cars which we use for our training sessions. Another object which shall attract your attention at foyer area is a driving simulation which has been developed using virtual reality technology.

When you move a little bit towards left, you will see our cafeteria area. You may enjoy our complimentary refreshments while you are having a chat at this area. On the ground floor, we have 7 classrooms of which one is a computer classroom and a movie theater. When you go upstairs through the stairs in front of cafeteria, you will notice Instructional Design Room. Instructional Design Room is the kitchen for the training programs designed at TOFAŞ, a room for creating ideas and materials used for supporting the learning process. We are filming material in a greenbox located in Tideo room just next to it and enrich our video training materials. There are 5 classrooms, 1 meeting room and a Working Office, upstairs, in addition to Instructional Design Room and Video room. Through the café area that you will see when you exit Tideo room, you may go to Maintenance School.

When you look outside from balcony of the Maintenance School, you may see robots, vehicles and engines that we use for learning through experience. At Maintenance School building, we are trying to make pupils to experience a unique learning process by supporting learning from peers in 8 classrooms, organized as workshops.