Tofaş Akademi

The Experience Hub program is a long term behavioral development program where the individual employee, his/her manager, coach and human resources specialist get actively involved, containing social learning on the baseline and comprising of stages of in-classroom learning, individual learning activities, one-on-one coaching sessions, group coaching sessions and project activities.

Through this program, we aim to render the knowledge acquired through behavioral development programs into concrete/permanent changes in behaviors and ensure the knowledge so acquired be used more in business life.

The Experience Hub are formed within the framework of our company’s behavioral competency set.

The Experience Hub is completed within 4 – 6 months and comprises of the following tools:

  • Personal Coaching Sessions (1.5 hours x 3): Basic purpose of the personal coaching sessions is to ensure the individual in question to work on their personal obstacles before change in his/her behaviors. During these sessions, in order to ensure desire of the individuals and enhance efficiency of the program, individual targets of the participant are set, his/her previous learning experience, how s/he learns better and her/his motivations for the development are discussed. Throughout the Experience Hub, the coach supports the participants by means of additional developmental activities in compliance with the targets set forth at the first session. These additional activities may include a suggestion for a MOOC or reading a book, depending on the learning style of the person in question.
  • In-class training (2 days): During the in-class training, knowledge which is supported by the practices designed for behavioral competency, is conveyed. In-class training which takes 2 days represents a part when practical tools are provided, literature data are shared and learning process is reinforced through group practices.
  • Project activity (5 weeks on average): The most important phase of the circle of experience is the project activity through which the participants apply what they learned throughout the entire process to their own business lives. After in-class training, the participants are expected to determine a topic for project related to the behavioral competency which is subject matter of the Experience Hub. Once the subject matter of the project is determine, the participants shall work individually on their own projects throughout the development program. The most significant property of the project topic, is the fact that it must be directly related to the business the individual is engaged in.
  • Experience Sharing Sessions (1 days x 2): The basic purpose of these sessions are everybody in the group sharing their projects and supplying feedbacks to each other thereby creating a learning environment for each other. During these sessions, the participants are expected to use what they learned during in-class training. The coach shall moderate these sessions in which social learning is a must.
  • Individual Learning (50 hours on average): The coach shall support the participants in forming their own personalized and different action plans by taking their experience, learning styles and motivations throughout the Experience Hub.

The Experience Hub was formed within the frameworks of “Model of Behavior Change Process” and 10/20/70 Development Model”.

Distribution of an Experience Hub work flow according to 10/20/70 model are as follows: